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About Marta

My name is Marta. I’m Cuban, and I love words and food. I talk with my hands. I always wear perfume and red lipstick. I love to entertain. I have naturally curly hair. I take photos every single day.

Word art posters to make you happy

I started my blog, My Big Fat Cuban Family, in 2006 because I wanted to have a place to write and curate my own life stories and to have a place to share my adventures in cooking classic Cuban food for the modern American kitchen and document my family’s life.

Here's the link to my blog: My Big Fat Cuban Family 

Keeping an online public journal is an interesting thing. While I wrote mostly for myself and my family, I quickly found lots of people who connected to my stories and my experiences. Throughout this evolution, I was constantly creating. I’m a graphic designer by trade and a few years ago I created a cool ‘subway art’ surf poster for my husband. My friends liked it so much that I started offering to create custom poster art for them, and that’s how Marta Darby Designs was born.

Custom Word Art Posters

It was a few years ago that I took the concept of subway art and Cuban food and married them to create my Cuban Food Poster which I have now shipped to homes and businesses all over the country. I’m quite proud of that.

I’m still busy maintaining my blog, but I’m also continuing to create. I always have ideas and am constantly sketching and creating. I love having a place to share my work with others who love food and words and art like I do.

My original poster and word art is sold here and through my Etsy shop. I am always happy to work on custom pieces for special events. Contact me so we can discuss your custom project.

Custom Word Art - Personalized For You

You can also sign up for my newsletter on the home page of my blog. I promise not to send you lots of emails.

Thanks so much for dropping by the studio. I hope you’ll ‘Sit long and Talk Much.’

- Marta